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“On the Path” wins the Film Festival “The Goddess on the Throne”

“On the Path”, the film directed by Jasmila Zbanic is announced as the best movie in the fourth edition of the Kosovo Film Festival “The Goddess on Throne” which ended Monday evening in Ferizaj. This movie that introduced Bosnia and Herzegovina, also won another two awards: the best screenplay, written by Jasmila Zbanic, and the award for the best actress is given to Zrinka Cvitesic. The professional jury composed by: Enver Petrovci- actor, Zethana Bahtiri-actress, Imer Mushkolaj- actor and journalist, Naser Gjinovci- singer, and Ekrem Sopi film director, awarded more prizes, as follows: for the best director was awarded Michele Leclerc, director of the film " Le Nom des gens (The names of love)” from France. In addition, this film won the award for the best actress in a supporting role by Michelle Moretti. Best Actor was announced Jordan Simonov for his performance in "Punk is not dead" (Macedonia), whereas for the best supporting actor is awarded Bruno Shllaku for his act in "Gjallë (Alive)” the movie from Albania. In short films category, respectively, in the program "The Cinema of the Future", the prize won Burim Haliti, for his film "The Interview".Meantime, the jury awarded the former French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin with special prize for his appearance in the movie "Le Nom des gens (The names of love)”. In the Film Festival "The Goddess on the Throne", began last Thursday in Ferizaj, were shown fifteen movies and short films. Productions from Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Macedonia and France competed for the prizes of the Festival. Among fifteen films presented were eight movies and seven short films. In the run for prizes were five movies and all short movies, made by new kosovan filmmakers and are featured in the program “The Cinema of the Future”. Three other movies were out of the run. The competitive part of the festival was opened by the Turkish movie "Not worth a fig", directed by Selda Cicek, with the leading roles of Derya Durmaz and Ozgen Namal, continuing on Friday with "On the Path" (Bosnia and Herzegovina), directed by Jasmila Zbanic, with the cast composed by Cvitesic Zrinka, Leon Lucev, Ermin Bravo, Mirjana Karanovic etc. On Saturday was shown "Punk is not dead" (Macedonia), directed by Milan Blazevski, with Jordan Simonov, Kamka Tacinovski Toni Mihajlovki, Xhevdet Jashari, and on Sunday was shown "Le Nom des gens (The names of love)” from France, directed by Michel Leclerc, with Jacques Gamblin and Sara Forestier in the leading roles. On Monday evening, when the prizes were awarded, was shown "Gjallë (Alive)" a movie from Albania, directed by Artan Minarolli, with Nick Xhelilaj, Niada Saliasi, Besart Kallaku, and Xhevdet Ferri in the leading roles.
Kosovo, meanwhile, was featured at the festival with "Cinema of the Future", a special program dedicated to young filmmakers.

The festival was held in Adriana theatre in Ferizaj.

The Winners

BEST FILM: "On the Path", Jasmila Zbanic
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Best Director: Michele Leclerc,
"Le Nom des gens (The names of love)” (France)

Best Screenplay: Jasmila Zbanic,
"On the Path" (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Best Actress: Zrinka Cvitesic,,
"On the Path" (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Best Actor: Jordan Simonov,
"Punk is not dead" (Macedonia)

Best actress in a supporting role:
Michelle Moretti, "Le Nom des gens (The names of love)” (France)

Best actor in a supporting role:
Bruno Shllaku, "Gjallë (Alive)“ (Albania)

The best film in "Cinema of the Future":
"Intervista (The Interview)" Burim Haliti

Special Price: Lionel Jospin
„Le Nom des gens (The names of love)” (France)